6 Ways to Destress After the Holidays

The holiday season is filled with merry-making, good food, and fun times had by all. However, many people experience high levels of stress during the holiday season. 

As you probably know, stress can be very damaging to our health when it is not effectively managed. For this reason, we have compiled some of the top tips for reducing your stress after everyone has gone home and the holiday season has come to a close.

Destress Tip #1: Get Some Exercise

There are tons of medications, therapies, and other treatments that can help people feel less stressed. However, exercise is perhaps the best medicine for the treatment of stress.

By simply walking, performing resistance training, and completing some flexibility exercises a few times per week, you’ll be able to effectively decrease your stress.

Exercise is especially important after the holidays as it can also counteract the many extra calories we consume during holiday meals and get-togethers. 

Destress Tip #2: Take Time to Rest

If you have family in for a few weeks during the holidays, you may be staying up later than usual, and getting up earlier than usual. As a result, you probably aren’t getting the quality or quantity of sleep to which you are accustomed. 

But once everyone returns home after the festivities have ended, you need to rest and recover. This may involve you taking a few naps during the day or going to bed a bit earlier than you typically do.

Rest and sleep are way more important for our health than most people give them credit for. During periods of rest, our bodies deal with any aches, pains, and issues we’ve developed during our hectic daily lives. 

Therefore, you need to be sure to get some extra shut-eye after you’ve wrapped up your holiday celebrations for the year.

Destress Tip #3: Focus on Your Own Needs

When you’re hosting for the holidays, you are constantly worried about your guests. You may be concerned that certain people aren’t getting enough food, or that others need a refill on their drinks. As a result, you probably don’t examine your own needs at all during the holidays.

This can create extreme stress. In turn, this stress can cause serious mental and physical health problems. 

Caring for others is important, there’s no doubt about it. That being said, your needs are crucial as well. So be sure to do something that makes you happy after the holidays have ended.

Destress Tip #4: Avoid Unhealthy Behaviors

In a previous point, we touched on the importance of doing something you enjoy to destress after the holidays. However, you shouldn’t take this to mean that you should start partaking in unhealthy activities. For instance, you shouldn’t binge on sugary foods or alcohol in order to unwind from the holiday season.

Rather, you may decide to take some extra time to read a book you haven’t had time for recently. Alternatively, you might watch a movie that you’ve been looking forward to seeing.

Whatever you do, don’t hurt your body or mind on your quest to destress.

Destress Tip #5: Meditate

Meditation is often viewed as a religious activity or one that involves traveling to a remote mountainous location to become one with nature.

However, meditation is simply thinking and reflecting; that’s all!

Doing this after the holidays can help you identify what caused you stress during the celebrations and how you can deal with the feelings you were experiencing. 

Destress Tip #6: Visit Your Chiropractor

Your chiropractor can help you feel better and less stressed after the holidays by realigning your spine. As strange as it may sound, the body and mind have an intimate connection. Therefore, by keeping your body healthy, you do the same for your mind.

Your top-of-the-line Noblesville chiropractors at Anchor Health Chiropractic are ready to help you now. Book your appointment today!

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