What to Expect

You’re well on your way to leading a healthy lifestyle with Anchor Health Chiropractic. Here’s what to expect on your first visit with us.


New Member Application

step-1All new practice members are requested to fill out the new practice member health application as completely as possible. This will allow us to get a complete understanding of your health and allow Dr. Mitch to create a customized chiropractic corrective health plan based upon your health goals.

Office Tour

After the application is filled out completely, we will take you on an educational tour of our office. Anchor Health Chiropractic is our home and we want you to feel welcomed and comfortable during your time here.

One-on-One Consultation

Our team will consult with you and go over your health concerns and goals. We want to give you our undivided attention so we can best serve you in reaching your health goals.

Specific, Scientific, Chiropractic Assessment

step-4We will use our NASA published, Space Foundation certified diagnostic technology to get an exact assessment of your nervous system and locate any nerve interference you may have.


step-5If necessary, chiropractic postural x-rays will be taken to get a picture of the structure of your spine and determine any limitations and expectations for care.

Report of Findings

step-6Once your complete assessment is analyzed, we will discuss with you our findings and present your customized chiropractic corrective health plan.

The Road to Healing & Optimal Health

You will receive your specific, scientific, chiropractic adjustment and begin the road to healing and reaching your God-given potential.