Hip Pain When Running: Can Chiropractic Care Help?

Running has been a popular form of exercise utilized by humans for thousands of years. As humans, we are well-equipped for running both short and long distances. However, modern roads, inefficient training strategies, and many other factors have led to the development of hip pain and other issues for people while they run. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the issue of running-related hip pain. If you’re suffering from this condition or any other painful issues, chiropractic care could be the perfect solution for what ails you! 

A Brief Examination of Running

Before we get into running-related hip pain, we should first discuss running in general. 

Contrary to the popular belief, running is not simply a “faster version of walking.” Running differs from walking in a few key ways. Perhaps the most important difference between running and walking is the fact that running requires a “flight” phase, where both feet are off of the ground at once. 

After this phase of the running cycle, the runner then needs to land on one leg, effectively “catching” his or her body weight. The amount of force transmitted through the leg on every landing phase is further affected by the surface on which the runner is jogging, the shoes he or she is wearing, and many other factors.

Even with this very basic outline of running and the forces involved in the activity, it’s easy to see how any minor deviation in running form or a change in environment can significantly impact joint stress (for better or worse).

Those who are very serious about running will often look for the best ways to improve their mile times. But most runners simply pick up the activity because they love how it makes them feel. They enjoy the endorphin rush they achieve during and after a run. Furthermore, they appreciate the health benefits associated with the sport.

The Hip Joint: An Overview

The hip, much like the shoulder, is a ball and socket joint. Generally, these ball and socket joints are very mobile, allowing us to perform many different athletic feats.

However, this mobility can sometimes lead to problems related to stability. For instance, if a hip is too mobile, it is more likely to become injured when forced into a stretched position. 

Often, runners will suffer from one of the following common conditions:

  • Labral tears.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Muscle strains/tears.

Each of these conditions requires specific examination and treatment methods in order for the patient to achieve the best rehab outcome possible. 

Hip Pain When Running

The hip is one of the most commonly affected joints in runners. This joint is generally strong and stable. That being said, repetitive stress from running for many miles can wear down the ligaments, muscles, and bones of the hip.

Hip pain in runners can manifest in many different ways. As was described in the previous section, there are a few key conditions that can cause pain in this region. That being said, sometimes the specific cause of one’s hip pain can’t be identified. For instance, some runners may experience “sharp” hip pain, while others may describe their pain as “dull” or “achy”.

Each of these descriptions can be useful for clinicians when they are diagnosing the condition in question. So be sure to give a thorough description of your symptoms when talking with your provider!

Your chiropractor can help you with many of the painful issues that can occur due to running. If you’d like to see what chiropractic care can do to reduce your pain and improve your running ability, book your appointment with the premier Noblesville chiropractors at Anchor Health Chiropractic today!

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