3 Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is one of the biggest issues in society today. With millions of people visiting their doctors every year searching for relief, it seems like the back pain epidemic is here to stay.

But what has caused this devastating issue that seems to affect more people every year? In this article, we will examine 3 of the most common causes of back pain and outline how chiropractic care can help with this widespread issue.


Top 3 Causes of Back Pain

Unfortunately, our lifestyles frequently lead to instances of both upper back pain and lower back pain. Let’s look at some of the biggest reasons why this issue has become so common in society.


Constant Sitting

For most people, the vast majority of the day is spent seated, with rounded shoulders and heads jutted forward. This position is so common, and leads to so many orthopedic issues, that it has been given the official diagnostic title of Forward Head Posture (FHP).

For short periods of time, there is nothing wrong with sitting. The position allows us to relax and prepare for the next time we’ll be up and moving. The only problem is: most people rarely move at all throughout the day! 

The majority of people sit on the way to work, sit while they’re at work, and then sit when they get home. Maintaining this posture all day long, every day, for years on end is a major upper back pain cause.


Poor Lifting Technique

In the last point, we indicated that few people get enough exercise in a day. As a result, when people are forced to be active, such as when they are lifting a bag of groceries or performing a similar task, they often display poor form.

When people lift heavy (or even light, for that matter) objects with poor form, they put tons of stress through their spines. Our spines are strong, flexible structures that can resist tons of stress. However, every structure has its limit, and even a very strong spine can’t function properly if it’s in an improper position.



Sadly, we live in stressful times. There are so many things that can cause stress and worry in our lives and, for better or worse, we have easy ways to constantly access the news and other mediums that can cause us high levels of anxiety.

For many people, stress can manifest as upper back pain and/or neck pain. The next time you’re feeling really stressed about something, think about how your shoulders and back are positioned. Odds are, you’ll notice that you’re feeling some extra tension in these areas!


How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Back Pain

Chiropractors are uniquely positioned to help patients with low back pain, upper back pain, and neck pain. By identifying and correcting vertebral subluxations and other spinal issues, chiropractors can help patients decrease their pain and reclaim their lives.

Best of all, chiropractic care specifically addresses the three major causes of back pain we outlined in the last section.

As far as sitting is concerned, chiropractic manipulations can help to reposition the spine to better tolerate this sustained posture. 

When it comes to poor lifting techniques, adjustments can lead to better range of motion and thus, better ability to lift objects with proper form.

Last but not least, chiropractic care is extremely effective at reducing stress. Because chiropractic treatments reduce pain so effectively, It’s obvious that they can, in turn, reduce stress as well.

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