Can Chiropractic Care Help Improve Your Balance?

If you’ve been noticing some balance problems recently, you’re not alone. Balance issues are extremely common in the general population, but they are particularly problematic for those in their later years. In fact, decreased balance can lead to falls and serious injuries for older individuals.

Luckily, chiropractic care can help you improve your balance and lower the chances of you developing an issue related to poor stability.


Balance and the Body’s Systems

Truthfully, balance is a complicated concept that involves multiple body systems. 

First of all, the muscular system is heavily involved with balance. When we are standing (or even sitting, for that matter), we need to use tons of muscles throughout our trunks, feet, and other areas to keep us upright. When you throw uneven surfaces, wind, and other factors into the equation, our muscles have to work even harder to keep us erect. 

Besides the muscular system, our nervous system is also heavily involved with balance. Our brains and spinal cords are constantly sending and receiving information related to our position in space, the integrity of the surface we are standing on, and other items. There are many specific areas of the central nervous system that deal with balance. One of the primary regions of the nervous system involved with balance is the cerebellum. 


Balance and the Cerebellum

The cerebellum is a small region of the brain that sits underneath the cerebral cortex. This cluster of cells and tissues is absolutely essential for good balance and postural stability.

However, when the spine is out of alignment, the cerebellum, and other associated parts of the brain, have little ability to communicate with the rest of the body regarding balance. Therefore, it stands to reason that correcting these imbalances in the spine may improve stability and decrease the risk of falls.

For this reason, chiropractic manipulations are often a great option for those with balance issues.

Chiropractic Care and Balance

By manipulating specific segments of the spine, chiropractors can often improve nerve conduction capabilities within the body. With regard to balance-related issues, this means that patients who receive regular chiropractic care are often more likely to have better stability than those who don’t seek out said treatments.

Other Tips for Addressing Balance Impairments

Of course, chiropractic care isn’t the only option that may benefit patients with balance issues. There are numerous other modalities that can serve as ancillary treatments for these individuals. 

For instance, there are some balance exercises that can help to retrain the brain and muscles for better stability. One such exercise is the single-leg stand. In this exercise, the patient simply stands on one leg for a prescribed length of time, such as 10 seconds. If he or she is able to complete this task, the exercise can be made harder by increasing the length of time spent balancing, decreasing the stability of the surface he or she is standing on, or through another method.

Furthermore, addressing any vestibular problems that might be causing your balance issues can go a long way as well. Common conditions such as BPPV can often be fixed with simple movements that may be performed with or without the guidance of a trained clinician. These CRMs (Canalith Repositioning Maneuvers) tilt the head in such a way as to reposition the “crystals” found within the inner ear.

If you’re having balance issues and aren’t sure where to turn, consider chiropractic care. The team at Anchor Health Chiropractic, your go-to Noblesville chiropractor, is well-versed in balance issues. We would love to help you today. Schedule your appointment now!

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