How to Deal With Upper Back Pain

Neck pain and low back pain tend to be the most talked-about issues when it comes to problems affecting the spine. However, we shouldn’t forget about upper back pain, an equally debilitating ailment.

Upper back pain is an extremely common condition and can be very tricky to address. In this article, we will examine the issue of upper back pain and demonstrate how chiropractic care may be the perfect answer to this devastating problem.


The Upper Back: Basic Anatomy

With regards to the spine, the upper back is typically referred to as the thoracic region. This area of the spine serves as a transition point between the very hearty lumbar spine (the low back) and the very mobile cervical spine (the neck).

Our thoracic spines serve many other important functions as well. They provide anchor points for many of our ribs and they are the starting point of important nerves that innervate organs and muscles throughout the body.

Beyond just the spine itself, we also have layers of muscle and other tissues within the upper back. Some of our very important spinal and scapular stabilizers, such as the trapezius and rhomboid muscles, are found in the thoracic region. These muscles are integral to our posture as well as our mobility throughout our upper bodies in general.


What are Some Upper Back Pain Causes?

To speak generally, the causes of upper back pain are typically due to referred pain from an organ or other region, a muscle strain, or poor posture.

As far as referred pain is concerned, the first thing your healthcare provider needs to do is rule out a heart attack or other emergent issue when you begin to experience upper back pain. Once it’s been determined that your pain is not being caused by a serious issue that requires emergency treatment, your issue is likely stemming from poor posture or a muscle strain. In these cases, chiropractic care can be a big help.

Specifically, some of the issues that could cause upper back pain include an elevated/depressed rib, a subluxed thoracic vertebra, or a damaged structure due to a recent or past trauma. All of these issues can cause patients to modify their posture in an attempt to find relief. However, by modifying our posture for long periods, we often find that we cause other problems throughout the body and make the underlying issue even worse!

As we’ll explore in the next section, many of these issues can be easily fixed through the use of chiropractic manipulations. With the skilled hands of a chiropractor providing your treatment, you can rest assured that your pain will be addressed quickly and efficiently.


Chiropractic Care and Upper Back Pain

When a patient is suffering from upper back pain due to stiffness, muscle-related issues, or postural problems, chiropractic care can help!

Through specific manipulations of the spine, your chiropractor can open up pathways that encourage better blood flow and nerve conduction. This enables your body to heal. As your body heals, your pain will gradually begin to go away.

If you’ve been suffering from upper back pain, or any pain throughout your body, for that matter, count on the professionals at Anchor Health Chiropractic. As your go-to Noblesville chiropractors, we pride ourselves on our ability to diagnose and treat almost any painful condition we see. From upper back pain, to neck pain, to foot pain, and everything in between, we are confident that we can help you return to a pain-free life. If you’re ready to address your painful conditions and get back to living your life, book your appointment with Anchor Health Chiropractic now!

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