3 Myths About Chiropractic Care and Children

When it comes to our children, we are justifiably worried about any potential danger they may encounter. We worry about who they play with, what foods they eat, how much screen time they are exposed to, and what types of medical interventions they receive.


With regards to the issue of medical interventions, we are especially cautious. Afterall, there are tons of people in the world who warn parents about certain medications, treatments, and procedures of all kinds.


While we can’t speak to every potential treatment that exists, we can say this: pediatric chiropractic care is a safe, effective, and affordable option for many childhood issues. In this article, we will dispel 3 of the most common myths regarding chiropractic treatments for children.


1.Chiropractic Care is Too Rough for Childrens’ Bodies

There is no doubt that childrens’ bodies differ from those of adults. Bones, joints, and other structures within the body are not fully formed until adolescence or even adulthood (depending on the structure in question). So it would not be unreasonable to say that some of the chiropractic treatments used on adults are inappropriate for use on children.

However, your pediatric chiropractor does not use the same force, the same angles, or even the same treatments on a child as she would on an adult. Pediatric chiropractors take the risks of treatment very seriously, and have extensive skill in working with children. Chiropractors are well versed in the timelines of development and would never use an overly aggressive treatment on a developing child.

2. Chiropractors Only Treat Spinal Conditions in Children

Pediatric chiropractors treat many children with conditions affecting the spine. However, chiropractic care can also address ear infections, digestive system issues, and sleep disturbances.

In fact, many parents seek out chiropractic care for their children as an alternative to the traditional medical treatments used for common pediatric conditions. If you’re wondering whether or not your pediatric chiropractor treats a given condition, call their office and find out. They’d be happy to provide you with a list of conditions which they treat.


3.Normal Growth is Inhibited by Chiropractic Care

A common criticism of chiropractic care for children (and many medical treatments geared toward children in general) is that normal development is stunted by provider interventions. 

Parents worry that if they begin a treatment regimen, they will have wasted time if they have to pivot away from the treatment when it’s not working. They worry further that if the treatment was not the right decision for their child’s condition, the issue may become more severe and could lead to worse consequences in the long run.

This belief likely comes from the theory that our bodies will develop properly if given the chance. Interestingly, this “chance” is what chiropractic care provides. Interventions performed by chiropractors allow the body to heal itself or develop normally by removing barriers to normal functioning.


The fear of chiropractic care in children seems to stem largely from misinformation that has been circulated far and wide for generations. Chiropractors do not perform aggressive treatments on children, nor is there any evidence that chiropractic treatments are detrimental to the development of younger patients. Pediatric chiropractors treat a variety of conditions, many of which are not solely related to the spine or musculoskeletal system.


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